Infusionsoft Battle of the Apps Contest selects Parsey as Finalist

Parsey - Infusionsoft Battle of the Apps 2014

About Battle of the Apps
The Battle of the Apps is a competition held by Infusionsoft that attracts developers to create meaningful solutions for their marketplace. This is the second year Infusionsoft has held the competition. Last year, our application Maven Analytics made it into the Final Four, with two of our other applications making it into the the Top 10 (runners up to the Final Four).

With over 120 apps in the Infusionsoft Marketplace, we’re pleased to announce that Infusionsoft has selected Parsey (previously ‘Maven Email to CRM’) as 1 of 5 Finalists in this years competition. This makes us the first and only back-to-back finalist, two years running.

About the App

Parsey integrates hundreds of 3rd party applications with Infusionsoft even when these platforms don’t have an API. It achieves this by parsing data from email notifications and webhooks, then creating/updating contacts in Infusionsoft and running automated actions to start/stop campaigns.

Is Parsey a fit for you?
The most common usages we see are the integrations with lead providers, 3rd party shopping carts, online appointment schedulers and live chat solutions. We’ve seen some pretty creative uses for the app beyond that, but we’ll save those stories for another post. Suffice it to say, it has been both a deal closer for prospects sitting on the fence about Infusionsoft, and has saved users who were heading out the door as they were with out a solution for manual data entry or a much needed integration with another platform.

Parsey has even seemed to attract users who are integrating platforms that do have an API as our off-the-shelf solution can be implemented in a single day and can be far more affordable than paying a developer thousands of dollars for a custom solution that often times ends up being unsupported in the future.

We need your help!
The interesting thing is, the Battle of the Apps contest caught us right in the middle of a complete rebrand and version 2 of the software that has been essentially programmed from the ground up. So Maven Email to CRM is technically the app that placed. We made Infusionsoft aware of the change from Maven Email to CRM to Parsey and hopefully the change mid-competition won’t have too much of a negative impact on recognition and the voting process.

If you guys thought Maven Email to CRM was sweet, we can’t wait to show you Parsey. If you’re a user of Maven Email to CRM and love the application, please help us by including a 5 star review in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. And be on the look out for an in-app survey from Infusionsoft related to the voting process that will be taking place over the coming week.

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