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we hear youOur team of automation experts are skilled developers, consultants and Infusionsoft technicians. We serve Infusionsoft users. Something that makes us different from 95% of our competition is that the majority of our team worked at Infusionsoft. We aren’t self taught, rather we were trained for years by the best and the brightest. Marketing Automation is hard-coded in our DNA.

We accept the fact that any application has it’s limitations and love the challenge of overcoming those road blocks with custom solutions we build via the API. We also have some pretty cool plug-ins that extend Infusionsoft’s functionality and integrate it with some popular, complimentary services and technologies.

Most importantly, we care about you, the entrepreneur. We care about the things that keep you up late at night. We care about your goals. We care about your progress. We care about your success. You can continue to read this page, it’ll likely make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…but even better, pick up the phone and get to know us. We look forward to serving your company.

meet our team

Founder, Lead Developer

My name is Dustin Lunt. Before jumping into the marketing scene, I ran an extremely successful insurance business. It was fun while it lasted but I was grateful for a turn of events that lead me to work at Infusionsoft. While at Infusionsoft, I went from being the “new guy” to the most knowledgeable expert and was decreed the “Top Consultant” in a relatively short amount of time. Favorite activities outside of building automated business systems: spending time with my wife, 2 daughters and 1 son, wakeboarding, basketball, wallyball and disc golf.
Founder, Lead Strategist

My name is Jarrod Morris. I am married with four young children (5,3,2,0) and love being a dad. Back in 2005, I was Infusionsoft's 17th employee. I learned a ton about marketing, personally helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and caught the software bug along the way. Being on the lake with family and friends is like heaven for me so it's a given that I enjoy wakeboarding, wakesurfing and crazy tube rides. I also love playing disc golf, & soccer. I dig competition, developing new talents and learning from mentors. My one word motto is BELIEVE!
Automation Expert

I'm Dallin, previously worked for infusionsoft. I love web design, marketing and all things awesome on the internet. I enjoy creating beautiful and functional development. I enjoy archer and the out doors.
Motto: "Stay thirsty my friends."
Automation Expert

My name is Sterling. Some of my passions are lifting weights, playing sports, family, and singing/songwriting both lyrics and music, who would have thought I would love writing code as well. I have had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of professionals that truly know how to grow your online business using some of the most powerful online software applications and custom solutions that we have discovered or built over the years. This has allowed me to become a potent web developer, and I can say I truly love what I do! Motto: "It works 60% of the time, everytime"
Automation Expert

Hi, my name is Clayton. I am the most newly newly wed of the Marketing Mavens team and life is good. I love design, development, and quality. I like all sports, love the beach and ocean and one day dream of having my own scuba shop! My Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard.
Development Ninja

My name is Andrew Steele. I have been fascinated with all things technology since I was young and truly enjoy the process of using my knowledge and experience to design custom solutions for complex problems. I am a stickler for standards, and a strong proponent of high quality, efficient, reliable code. I am completely self taught and maintain that only through passion and hard work can you be a true maven at what you do. I enjoy spending my free time in the desert, staying active, and most of all learning new things and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Motto:The only path to success is through failure
Technical Support

My name is Colton DeMeyer. Since I was young I've had a knack for all things technical. I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I excel at sports whether it's Lacrosse, Football or any other sport, I can play it, and I can play it well. I enjoy embracing new challenges head on and I'm always trying to improve my skills in every field. I'm not afraid of failure because if you never fall, you never learn how to pick yourself back up. Motto: Just Keep Swimming!
Office Admin

My name is Amanda Morris. I worked previously at Infusionsoft as the receptionist position. That position progressed into also becoming a billing clerk for the accounting department. I love what I do, it is very similar to the role I had with Infusionsoft. So be prepared... if you're late on a payment, it'll be me who's coming after ya!;) A few years ago I bought my first DSLR and have been "shooting people" ever since. I am very happy to say I could possibly be the next on the team to get married. Motto: Enthusiasm is Key

My name is Ashley Nance. I recently finished writing my first book, a nonfiction story about growing up with a sister with a learning disability. Through that process, I realized my heart is in shorter stories – much shorter. Now I write articles, blog posts, content and copy, and I love it! I also love my husband and three children, and running in the grass and playing in the water with them. I believe that every person can achieve greatness. Motto: Progress is what happens when you want what you need more than you want what you have.

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