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Infusionsoft Split Testing

Infusionsoft Split Testing via Parsey

A couple of years ago we built an Infusionsoft split testing tool to help users tweak and improve the conversions they were getting out of legacy follow-up sequences. The tool was quickly pulled down as we were bumping into limitations with the Infusionsoft API, not to mention the new Campaign Builder was launched around that […]

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Infusionsoft Responsive Email

Infusionsoft Responsive Email

Today’s post came by way of request. We’ve been asked on numerous occasions if Infusionsoft ‘has’ responsive emails. From an expectations standpoint, the best answer is ‘no’. But from a technical standpoint, you can totally pull it off if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort. (more…)

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Email Attaching for Infusionsoft

Email Attaching for Infusionsoft

As an Infusionsoft user, do you ever find yourself sending emails outside of Infusionsoft to contacts that are inside Infusionsoft? Wouldn’t it be nice if at the contact record you had the ability to not only view automated emails delivered via campaigns and broadcasts, but also your personal emails that you send through out the […]

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