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Snap by Infusionsoft – Part 2

Today I bring you the promised case study on how to use Infusionsoft’s Snap app in conjunction with the Campaign Builder to achieve strategic, automated follow-up for event marketing. If you haven’t already read/watched Part 1, you’re going to want to click the link below before proceeding. (more…)

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Known Infusionsoft Issue with GoDaddy

Since 04/01/13 and as of 06/04/13, Infusionsoft has been experiencing issues delivering email to GoDaddy Servers. Summary Infusionsoft is still awaiting an ETA from GoDaddy to let them know they have reset thier mail servers to update to current CAN spam acts. This will open up proper email corresponence to GoDaddy mail servers. (more…)

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Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

Does your company have a 30 second elevator pitch? Most do. And they’re perfect for rattling off to prospective clients. But what about the lay person who is not a prospective client? A few days ago I was talking with members of my team about how our friends, family and acquaintances respond when we tell […]

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